Scott Petry’s practice is focused primarily on energy transactional and regulatory matters. Prior to practicing law, he was a field engineer for Sperry-Sun Drilling Services, where he provided real-time, downhole monitoring in electromagnetic wave resistivity, gamma radiation, radioactive source and position monitoring tools in the offshore oilfield environment. He is a 2000 graduate from the University of Texas School of Law.

His background in oil and gas led to a position as a hearings examiner (Administrative Law Judge) with the Railroad Commission of Texas from 2000 to 2004, where he adjudicated oil and gas hearings, prepared legal recommendations to the elected Commissioners, and assisted the public with navigating the intricacies of Railroad Commission rules and regulations.

From 2004 to 2006, Mr. Petry was an oil and gas attorney with Thompson & Knight, LLP, where he expanded his focus to include oil and gas transactional work, including oil and gas property acquisitions, due diligence reviews, title examinations, and preparation of oil and gas agreements. In 2006, he continued and expanded his transactional practice with Zukowski, Bresenhan & Sinex, L.L.P., which became Zukowski, Bresenhan, Sinex and Petry, L.L.P in 2012. In 2016, Mr. Petry started Petry & Sinex, P.L.L.C. with his longtime partner and friend, Donald G. Sinex. Since their start, they have continued to serve clients and in 2020 Messrs. Petry and Sinex joined with Mr. Rosie to form Petry Rosie & Sinex.

Focus Areas

All areas of oil and gas law, with extensive knowledge and experience in Railroad Commission of Texas regulatory hearings, as well as oil and gas exploration and production transactions which include title examination, preparation of related documents and litigation.

  • Oil & Gas Transactions
  • Oil & Gas Litigation
  • Oil & Gas Regulatory Hearings

On a more personal note…

Publication Representations

  • “Pitfalls and Preservation: The Effect of the Texas Railroad Commissions Rules and Regulations on Oil and Gas Contracts”, 6th Annual Texas Land Institute, Houston, Texas, and American Association of Petroleum Landmen’s 53rd Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana;
  • “Drafting The Retained Acreage Clause: The Effect Of Governmental Authority on Retained Acreage”, State Bar of Texas 27th Annual Advanced Oil, Gas And Energy Resources Law Course, Houston, Texas;
  • "OMG, No, Please, No: Revisiting The Effect Of Governmental Authority On Retained Acreage Provisions", State Bar of Texas Oil, Gas & Mineral Title Examination, Houston, Texas;
  • “Revisiting After Acquired Title Revisited”, State Bar of Texas 30th Annual Advanced Oil, Gas And Energy Resources Law Course, Houston, Texas;
  • "Allocation Wells: Twists & Turns & Lease Line Allocation", State Bar of Texas, Oil, Gas & Mineral Title Examination, Houston, Texas;
  • "The Texas Railroad Commission: An Introduction for the Oil and Gas Title Examiner", co-authored with Chrysta L. Castaneda, Oil, Gas & Mineral Title Examination, Houston, Texas;
  • "Title Matters Affecting Parties in Possession:  Adverse Possession, After-Acquired Title, & The Rule Against Perpetuities”, co-authored with Donald G. Sinex, and Susan Stanton, The Center for American and International Law, Houston, Texas;
  • "Real Estate vs. Oil and Gas Developers (or The Law of Irreconcilable Differences", co-authored with Donald G. Sinex, Susan Stanton, et al., State Bar of Texas 32nd Annual Advanced Real Estate Law Course, San Antonio, Texas; and,
  • "Preparing and Drafting Agreements Used in Developing Oil & Gas Prospects", co-authored with Susan A. Stanton, Donald G. Sinex and Terry I. Cross, 2008 AAPL Summer Land Institute, Houston, Texas.