Petry Rosie & Sinex offers extensive experience in title examination and related issues at competitive rates. Opinions prepared by the firm's attorneys have covered areas as diverse as East Texas to the Permian Basin, from the Barnett Shale to the Eagleford Shale, and numerous places in between.

At Petry Rosie & Sinex, we view title examination as a pragmatic road map to identify title issues. This approach is based in large part upon the experience of Donald G. Sinex, who handled title issues as a petroleum land man for Union Oil Company of California and Getty Oil Company, as Vice-President and General Counsel for ITR Petroleum, Inc., and as outside counsel for the oil and gas industry over several decades. This experience has taught us that clients need a concise road map to identify title issues. Title opinions that are unnecessarily verbose and that regurgitate irrelevant information are not what we do. At Petry Rosie & Sinex, it is our goal that every title opinion provide practical steps for identification and resolution of title issues.

The firm offers a wide array of title opinion services, including the provision of original, drilling, and division order title opinions. With respect to our corporate clients, we also work closely with landmen in preparing and reviewing curative documents, divisions of interest, and associated agreements.