Frank J. Rosie Bio

The sun shines on you. And it also shined bright and warm on Frank in his youth. In his early days, he was a certified beach bum living the life on the Jersey Shore. The REAL Jersey Shore, not the Snooki and The Situation version. His “Situation” was spending sunup to sundown on the beach, working mornings to keep the Shore clean , hanging with his friends and bandmates in the afternoon, singing and playing the harmonica, and soaking up the rays. The sun eventually set and like many young men , he went west in search of opportunity. That search brought him West, to the land of Texas, where he exchanged his swim briefs for legal briefs and law school.

The sun again shined bright on Frank when he met Monica, who joined Rosie & Flanagan in 1996. Frank had been working out of town for a week when Monica was hired by the firm’s office manager. When he returned to the office he was cheerfully greeted by Monica with a “welcome to Rosie & Flanagan, how may I help you”? His response was, “Hi, I’m the Rosie in Rosie & Flanagan”. Unfortunately, the oil and gas industry has its ups and downs, and the downturn in 1998 resulted in Monica having to find alternative employment. The silver lining (for Frank anyway) was that he could now ask her out. To this day Monica tells people that Frank fired her!

His response remains the same; “Yes, but I was your severance package!” They have been happily married since 1999 and have two children: Krystal, and Michael.

Monica and Frank also believe in giving back to society, which has led to Frank’s work with disadvantaged children. He has been an active volunteer for Child Advocates, the Harris County CASA organization, since September 1998, and has represented children as their guardian-ad-litem. The majority of the time, the children have been removed from their home by Child Protective Services for neglect or abuse, and his appointment continues until the case is resolved either by reunification with the parents, permanent placement with a relative, or termination of parental rights and placement for adoption. Frank recently received the James A. Gwinn Award, Child Advocates’ highest honor, as the 2019 Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. He will readily admit that it is the highest honor he has ever received.